Last Thursday we had the privilege of participating in the ‘1st Thursday Art Show’ at the Red Victorian in San Francisco (link). This was a lovely event put together by our friend, artist Naomi Duben. You can find her on Facebook page here:¬† . She’s a great¬†artist and a rather nice person.

Interviewing photographer Zan Morris. Interviewing photographer Zan Morris.

Our video work consisted primarily of interviewing the artists and dancers on site. As this was an art show, there wasn’t a huge amount of light to work with. So we snapped some 50mm primes onto both cameras, and pushed the exposure just below perfect to make it work. We’re very confident in how far these cameras can be pushed on exposure, the goal being to get as far as we can with the ISO as low as it can be.

One tripod mounted camera and one shoulder rig gave us the coverage and dynamic movement we needed. In the above photo you can also see our mobile audio setup on Al’s shoulder rig. This includes a recorder, preamp and receiver for the wireless microphones used in interviews. Set ups like this allow us to be highly mobile and highly responsive, without sacrificing quality. This skill, combined with our experience and ability to communicate, make our team highly effective at any event coverage.


This was a pretty fun way to spend our night, as we had performances from dancers, a live band, art to admire, great company and a wonderful spread of snacks and drinks. There are definitely worse ways to make a living. We’ll be looking forward to working with Naomi more in the future, maybe even on the next art showcase. And, of course, we look forward to any other event coverage our friends and clients might need.

You can take a look at some of the results here: